FOI REquest - Spaces for People 2

Request 101002554018

1.How many complaints overall has your council received about its Spaces for People ( projects to implement new infrastructure in busy areas so far?
2.Of those complaints, could you please tell me how many came from businesses?
3.Has your council carried out consultation work regarding the Spaces for People project?
4.How much has your council spent on consultation regarding the Spaces for People infrastructure measures so far?

Response 10-08-2020

This answer relates to amendments that are part of the Spaces for People funding application, although please note we have not yet formalised any funding agreement and therefore the answer relates to temporary measures put in place prior to any funding award.

1. 14 complaints, 7 statements of support 

2. 10 of the complaints were from businesses 

3. Consultation with the Business Improvement District, Police Scotland, Fire & Rescue Scotland, and local businesses 

4. No expenditure - done using email and social media.

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