FOI Request - 2020 Exam Results for Scottish Pupils

Request 101002566955

Please could you let me know

1. What involvement central council staff (ie not those based within schools) had in the submission of estimated grades and rankings
2. If the council required sign-off by an official outwith a school before that school could submit
3. Copies of all correspondence between council officials and schools in regards to the above

Response 04-09-2020

1. Support and advice meetings and briefings for secondary schools and SQA coordinators

22 April - all
4 May - all
21 May - all
Week beginning 25 May - school specific

Plus 4 briefing and advice notes

2. The LA SQA Coordinator supported quality assurance processes but the sign off was from head of centre

3. Please find copies of the briefing documents attached here

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