FOI Request - Prices Paid to Children's Home Providers

Request 101002570987

1. For each placement made to a private or voluntary provider’s children’s home in the year 1st April 2018 to 1st April 2019, please provide the actual price per week (excluding VAT) paid for the placement to the provider by your local authority.
Please note:
1a. If the price per week changed during the year, please provide all weekly prices that applied during the year.
1b. This is a request for the weekly price only, and NOT for the total placement cost.
1c. Please do NOT identify the child or young person or the name of the provider.
1d. Please provide the weekly price EXCLUDING any VAT.
1e. Please do not include short break placements.
1f. We would greatly appreciate if the information could be provided in the format of the table below, ideally in an Excel spreadsheet.

Weekly price paid to provider net of VAT

£ per week      Includes education Y/N        Number of weeks paid for
2995                  N
3500                  Y
2783                  N

2. If your authority operates its own children’s homes, please provide the actual weekly cost of a place in your own homes for the same year (2018/19).

Clarification sought 07-09-2020

No clarification received therefore case closed 05-01-2021

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