FOR Request - Subject Access Requests

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Please provide answers to the following questions relating to Subject Access Requests (SARs)?

1. How many SARs have been made to your organisation in the last recorded 12 months?
2. Please provide a breakdown of the specific departments that these SARs relate to?
3. Is there a central response to SARs or is it devolved to the departments involved?
4. How many staff deal with responses?
5. On average how many hours are spent dealing with a SAR?
6. Do you have any software to assist with SAR production?

Response 08-09-2020

1. 2019/20 – 52
These statistics are also available on the Scottish Information Commissioner’s website here.

2. Children’s Social Work, Education, Adult Services, HR, Customer Services, Development Services, Housing, and, Chief Executive’s office

3. The central FOI Team record and coordinate Access to Information requests, including SARs. Departments collate relevant information then both departmental and FOI Team staff assist with any required redaction.

4. Working on Subject Access Requests is one duty within the wider roles of Records and Heritage Manager and Information Co-ordinator (0.7 post).

5. Response time varies considerably; the mean recorded average for 2019/2020 was: 5 hours.

6. Requests are logged on a CRM system and AcrobatPro for some redaction and electronic encryption

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