FOI Request - Insurance

Request 101002579346

Please provide the following:
1. Copies of all commercial public liability insurance policy certificates with what is covered, policy numbers, providers and underwriters held by The Moray Council. In particular, make sure anything regarding ‘pollution liability’, ‘policy enhancement’ and ‘schedules of exclusions’ documents in relation to the commercial public liability insurance policy held by The Moray Council
2. Copies of the ‘certificate of indemnity’ from The Moray Council  that may include the public insurance provider and underwriters, confirming that any injuries, damages or adverse health effects directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise, wireless RF radiation, microwave radiation, non-ionising radiation emitting devices and equipment.

Response 21-09-2020

1. Please find the public liability insurance schedule and wording attached here

2. There is no legal requirement for a certificate of indemnity, however our insurers issue a letter so that third parties know what we are insured for.  This is the combined TWIMC certificate included in the above attachment.

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