FOI Request - Risk Based Verification and Automated Decision Making

Request 101002579403

1.  Does/ or has your council use any risk-based-verification services provided by an external company to help with processing welfare claims? Please state how long you have been using it for, and if you have recently cancelled a contract using it then state the date of cancellation. Please also say which company provides the service and the cost of its use to date or to the date that it was ceased. Please also say the cost per annum of use.

2. If you no longer use risk-based verification please state why or direct me to any public board meetings where it is discussed. Please also say whether you have any figures on its accuracy in decision making (percentage accuracy) or if you consulted with the public on its use.

3. Does your council use any other algorithms and/or artificial intelligence software/ automated decision making software in the process of delivering public services?

If Yes, please provide details:
(i) Of the algorithms or artificial intelligence software you use;
(ii) Of whether you use a commercial product or whether you have developed your own system. If it's a commercial product, please say the cost of the contract
(iii) Of the purpose for which the algorithm and/or artificial intelligence software operates;
(iv) Of the decisions the algorithm and/or artificial intelligence software is asked to make or assist;
(v) Of the type, classification and amount of data that the algorithm and/or artificial intelligence software uses in the decision-making process;
(vi) Of the process by which the decision made or assisted by the algorithm is subject to human review;
(vii) Of the process by which you inform an individual that they have been subject to a decision made or aided by an algorithm and/or artificial intelligence software?
Please also say whether you have done any checks or reviews for any potential bias in the system before implementing it.

Response 22-09-2020

1. and 2. No risk based decision making by an external company has ever been used.

3. No

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