FOI Request - Homeless Funding

Request 101002580622

On 24th June 2020, the Government announced an additional £105 million would be spent on keeping rough sleepers off the street and to assist those at risk of homelessness.

Under the terms of the act, I would like to ask the following information

a. How much money has your authority received from the government specifically to assist in providing for homeless communities (homeless communities includes rough sleepers as well as those at risk of homelessness)
b. How much of this money has currently been allocated to building long term safe homes in the area
c. How much of this has been allocated to the short term provision of housing

Response 21-09-2020

The £105 million for rough sleeping is target to local authorities in England and Wales.  Housing and Homelessness is a devolved responsibility of the Scottish Government and as such, none of this funding allocated towards reducing rough sleepers will be given to any Scottish local authorities.

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