Community Council Scheme Review

The Scheme of Establishment of Community Councils, by sets out the framework and rules by which community councils in Moray are operated. The council must periodically review the Scheme to allow for updates and improve the Scheme. The review will cover the current framework, numbers of Community Councils and their membership and boundaries, their role and responsibilities and the rules by which they operate. 

Current Scheme for Establishment of Community Councils

The Community Council Scheme provides a framework for the operation of Community Councils and contains information about membership and eligibility, conduct, meeting arrangements and area descriptions. It is usually reviewed every four years prior to Community Council elections which are due to be held in Autumn 2021.

The current scheme can be found here and is in force until September 2021 - Moray Council Scheme for Community Councils 2017-2021 (567kb, PDF). The Scheme of Arrangements for Community Council Elections (PDF, 291kB) is also under review concurrently.


Notice of Intention to Review the Moray Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils (PDF, 259kB)

Consultation process

The public consultation will run in two stages.

  • First report to Council - Sets out the intention to review the Scheme and invites (23 Sept 20) Appendix 1 and Appendix 2, Minute of Meeting (to follow)
  • Stage 1 (24 Sept - 19 Nov) First stage of the consultation (PDF, 259kB) - public feedback on current scheme and suggestions/recommendations for improvement.
  • Draft Scheme - The first stage of the public consultation will be used to inform the production of an amended draft Scheme. (Currently being drafted)
  • Stage 2 - The second stage of the public consultation will allow for public feedback on the proposed draft scheme. (8 weeks) This is due to be published before Christmas 2020.
  • Draft Scheme Amendments - Amend Draft scheme following public consultation,  incorporating changes as required.
  • Second report to Council - Report the draft amended scheme to Council, for approval.

Scheme is then implemented at the date of the next Community Council election.

Overview of the CC Scheme Review Consultation Process (PDF, 202kB)

First stage consultation

This public consultation ran from 24 September 2020 - 19 November 2020.

Second stage consultation

The second stage has not yet commenced. Consultation will take place on the proposed scheme in early 2021.

Responding to the consultation

Comments and representations may be made by email to:
or by post to the:
CC Scheme Review
Democratic Services Manager
Moray Council, Council Offices, Elgin, IV30 1BX

For information about the consultation please contact the Democratic Services by email at or 01343 563334. Please note Council offices are currently closed to COVID  restrictions.

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