FOI Request - Council Tax 2020/2021

Request 101002582141

RE : Council Tax 2020/2021

I write with reference to the above stated subject in relation to DOMESTIC.

Could you please forward the following information :

1. The amount of domestic council tax due for the first six months of the year from April 2020.

2. The amount of outstanding arrears.

3. The amount of debt management cases.

Response 24-09-2020

1. At year start, the amount of CTX due for the first six months was £22,817,294;

2. The amount of arrears which have been identified and for which a reminder has been issued are: £1,283,607;

3. 538 2020 Council Tax accounts are currently subject to debt management, and the balance which is unpaid on these cases is £344,816.

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