FOI Request - COVID Response Team

Request 101002572300

I recently requested a list of who is on the COVID Response team, and was directed here, please can you supply me with this information, and the relative positions of each person.

Response 11-09-2020

Recovery Response Team:  RRMT Members (from May 2020)

Alasdair McEachan,Head of Governance, Strategy & Performance
Denise Whitworth,Depute Chief Executive, Education, Communities & Organisational Development
Frances Garrow, Head of HR, ICT & Organisational Development
Gordon McDonald, Emergency Planning & Brexit Officer
Jane Mackie, Head of Community Care
Jeanette Netherwood, Corporate Manager - Health & Social Care
Jim Grant, Head of Economic Growth & Development
Joanna Shirriffs, Head of Education Resources & Communities
Joyce Johnston, Head of Service ICS, Education & Social Care
Lorraine Paisey, Head of Financial Services
Phil McDonald, Head of Transofrmation - ICT Manager
Rhona Gunn, Depute Chief Executive, Economy, Environment & Finance
Richard Anderson, Head of Housing & Property Services
Roddy Burns, Chief Executive
Simon Boker-Ingram, Chief Officer Health & Social Care
Stephen Cooper, Head of Environmental & Commercial Services
Vivienne Cross, Head of Education

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