FOI Request - Installation and Removal of Charging Points

Request 101002592015

1. Please tell me whether the council has installed any electric vehicle charging points, where these are and when they were installed.

2. Please tell me if the council has removed any electric vehicle charging points, where they were removed from, when they were removed and why they were removed.

Response 06-10-2020


a) Northfield Terrace, Elgin (Rapid) – 28/11/2013
b) Reidhaven Square, Keith (Rapid) – 04/07/2014
c) Station House, Aberlour (Fast) – 04/07/2014
d) Cluny Place Car Park, Buckie (Fast) – 04/07/2014
e) Horizon Scotland, Forres Enterprise Park (Fast) – 06/10/2015
f) Station Park, Lossiemouth (Fast) -  04/07/2015
g) Main Street Car Park, Tomintoul (Rapid) – 21/10/2015
h) Northport, Elgin (Fast) – 17/04//2018
j) Ladyhill Car Park, Elgin (Rapid) -  17/04/2018
k) Linn Brae, Elgin (Share with Electric Bus) (Rapid) – 18/02/2019

A number of other site installations are currently in progress and will be operation by March 2021

a) Orchard Road, Forres (Rapid)
b) Leask Road, Forres (Fast)
c) Dufftown Community Centre (Fast)
d) Cluny Place Car Park, Buckie (Rapid)
e) The Square, Cullen (Fast)
f) High Street, Aberlour (Rapid)

Please note that all existing and future sites are grant funded in full by Transport Scotland

2. Only one charger has been removed  and this came from the Moray Council Contact Centre on Forres High Street, which is being sold. It is anticipated that this can be relocated near the Library/Community Centre.

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