Self Isolation Support Grant

From 12 October 2020 the Scottish Welfare Fund are administering the Scottish Government Self Isolation Support Grant.

The grant will help people in receipt of low paid employment or self- employment who will suffer a loss of earned income as a result of them or their child being required to self-isolate by the Test and Protect Service to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

From 16 February 2021 the scheme has been expanded to include people who provide personal care to a person aged over 16 who is required to self isolate.

Who can apply for a Self-Isolation Grant?

To be eligible for a £500 payment you need to meet all of the following criteria:

  • You are aged 16 or over and are resident in Moray; and
  • You have been contacted by the Test and Protect Service and been told to self-isolate as a result of COVID-19, either because
    • you have tested positive or have recently been in close contact with someone who has tested positive; or
    • from 07 December are the appropriate parent or primary carer of a child under 16 who has been required by the Test and Protect Service or a school–based Incident Management Team notification to self-isolate; or
    • you provide personal care to a person aged over 16 who is required to self isolate from 16 February 2021; and
  • You are employed or self-employed and it is not possible for you to work from home; and
  • Your earned income will be reduced as a result of you, your child or the person you are caring for self isolating e.g. you will only receive Statutory Sick Pay or no pay; and
  • You are currently receiving (or have been awarded but have not yet received a payment of) Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit; Income-based Employment and Support Allowance; Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance; Income Support; Housing Benefit; and/or Pension Credit or
    • from 07 December would ordinarily be entitled to Universal Credit (based on earned income prior to the self-isolation period) should an application have been made; or
    • from 16 February 2021 you receive Council Tax Reduction, earn less than the Real Living wage or your household income is within 25% of what a similar family to yours would get on Universal Credit.

People subject to Immigration Control with No Recourse to Public Funds are not excluded from applying for this grant.

What evidence will I need to provide to support an application?

  • A recent bank statement
  • Proof of employment such as your last wage slip prior to self isolation or contract of employment, or if you are self-employed evidence of self-assessment returns, trading income, business account and that you cannot undertake your job/run your business from home.
  • Proof of your household income and savings if you are not in receipt of a low income benefit or earn more than the Real Living Wage.
  • Evidence from Test and Protect or the Protect Scotland app telling you to self-isolate if you do not appear on the daily data feed the council receives.

We will check that you are receiving Universal Credit or other qualifying benefit.

We will also check with our Education Department or Incident Management Team if you are the appropriate person to make a claim for a grant.

A grant cannot be paid if:

  • You, your child or the person you care for have not been told by the Test and Protect Service, Protect Scotland app or Incident Management Team to self-isolate.
  • You are returning to the UK after being abroad or because you feel that you have symptoms and haven't been tested.
  • You are waiting for a Covid-19 test result.
  • You are not employed or self-employed.
  • You will not experience reduced earnings as a result of you, your child or the person you care for being required to self-isolate
  • You are not in receipt of or had underlying entitlement to a low income benefit, earn more than the Real Living Wage or have a household income more than 25% above what a similar household would receive on Universal Credit

How do I apply?

From the scheme launch on 12 October 2020 applications had to be made within the 14 day self-isolation period. From 7 December the isolation period was reduced to 10 calendar days. If you were asked to self-isolate between 7 December 2020 and 1 February 2021 you had 10 days to make an application.

From 02 February 2021applications can be made at any point during the 28 calendar days from the day you, your child or the person you care for is told to self-isolate. If you delay making an application you may not qualify as your financial need must be current at the time you apply.

Applications will be taken by Grampian Coronavirus Assistance Hub staff who are making pro-active contact with people named on the Test and Protect data being provided to councils on a daily basis.

If you have been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive you should receive two SMS text from the Test and Protect Service. By replying to the second SMS text with your postcode your details will be passed to Grampian Coronavirus Hub staff who will phone you and discuss an application and other available support with you.

Alternatively you can apply by phoning 0808 196 3384.

If you have received an alert from the Protect Scotland app requiring you to self-isolate and wish to apply for a grant click on the link ‘Send a Certificate’ in the alert. You will then be taken to a form. The form tells you about the grant and allows you to check if you are eligible. If you are tick the box and enter your postcode. We will then be sent a certificate to support a grant application. Please note you still need to make a grant application by phoning 0808 196 3384.

How we use your personal information

Our Privacy Notice tells you how we use the personal data you provide in a Self- Isolation Support Grant application.

For any queries or concerns about how your personal data is being processed you can contact the Data Protection Officer at or 01343 562633. You can also consult the information available at the Information Commissioner's website:

If your application is successful

If you meet all the eligibility criteria you will receive a grant of £500 which will be paid into your bank account. In cases where a child or a person being cared for is required to isolate, payment can only be made to one person.

Self-isolation payments are taxable. If you’re employed, you’ll pay tax on the payment if you go over your tax-free personal allowance. Your tax code will change to collect the tax. You will not pay National Insurance contributions on the payment. If you’re self-employed you must report the payment on your Self-Assessment tax return.

What help is available if I am not eligible for a self-isolation grant?

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