February 2021 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-02-21 Self-Isolation Support Grants Governance, Strategy & Performance
  Collective Agreements Coverage Financial Services
02-02-21 Home Care Spend Adult Social Care
  Environmental Offences Publication Environmental and Commercial Services
  Sexual Health Services Funding Adult Social Care
  Cemetery And Crematorium Capacity Communications Environmental and Commercial Services
  Flood Risk Assessments Environmental and Commercial Services
03-02-21 National Assistance Act Funerals Economic Growth & Development
  Deaths With No Known Next Of Kin Adult Social Care
  Mail Services Governance, Strategy & Performance
04-02-21 Public Health Funerals Economic Growth & Development
  Subject Access Request Statistics Education Resources & Communities
05-02-21 DSE Workstation Assessments And Procurement HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Europe Economic Growth & Development
  Electric Vehicles Environmental and Commercial Services
  Litter Spend And Complaints Environmental and Commercial Services
  Pest Control Economic Growth & Development
  Refugees Adult Social Care
  School Counselling Education
  Homeless Housing and Property Services
  Streetlights Environmental and Commercial Services
  Potholes Environmental and Commercial Services
  School Capacity Education
  Course Distances Multiple
  PPE And Janitorial Spend HR, ICT & Organisational Development
08-02-21 Printing Costs HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Fleet Vehicles Environmental and Commercial Services
  Collision Investigation And Prevention Environmental and Commercial Services
  Police Meetings HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Empty Homes Multiple Departments
09-02-21 Selective Licensing Scheme Housing and Property Services
  Looked After Children Children & Families & Criminal Justice
10-02-21 Care Experienced Young People Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  IT Training HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Covid and Non-Covid Related Absences Multiple
  Complaints Procedure Governance, Strategy & Performance
11-02-21 Council Expenditure or Payment to Suppliers Financial Services
  School Building Safety Incidents Economic Growth & Development
12-02-21 B9015 Road Repair Environmental and Commercial Services
  Nuisance And Noise Complaints Economic Growth & Development
15-02-2021 Housing Employee Deaths from COVID Housing and Property Services
  Stonewall Information Adult Social Care
  Alternative Education Providers Education
  Domestic Rates Reduction Governance, Strategy & Performance
16-02-21 IT Infrastructure and Security Systems HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Dog Fouling FPNs Economic Growth & Development
17-02-21 Potholes Environmental and Commercial Services
  Pool Cars Environmental and Commercial Services
  Vehicle Noise Complaints Economic Growth & Development
  Adult Support and Protection Referrals Adult Social Care
  Procurement and IT Contacts Multiple
  BNO Visa Resettlement Scheme Governance, Strategy & Performance
  Self-Isolation Support Grant Data Governance, Strategy & Performance
18-02-21 National Assistance Act Funerals No Next of Kin Economic Growth & Development
  Waste Management Environmental and Commercial Services
  Farm Animal Welfare and Planning Economic Growth & Development
  Craft Agreements Financial Services
  Teacher Vacancies Education
19-02-21 Falconer Museum Spend 2017 to 2019 Economic Growth & Development
22-02-21 Covid-19 Home-Testing Kits Multiple
  Software Contracts HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Wood Burning Stoves Fines Economic Growth & Development
23-02-21 Transport Costs Environmental and Commercial Services
  Smoke Controlled Areas Economic Growth & Development
  Recruitment Demographics HR, ICT & Organisational Development
24-02-21 Child Protection Concerns Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Scottish Parliament Election Coronavirus Preparations HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Unpaid Work Activity Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Cycle Infrastructure Environmental and Commercial Services
25-02-21 Disabled Council House Waiting List Housing and Property Services
  Looked After Children Pandemic Impact Children & Families & Criminal Justice
26-02-21 Foster Carers Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  White Male Over-50s Recruitment HR, ICT & Organisational Development

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