June 2021 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-06-21 Weapons Found In Schools Education
  Selling Animals as Pets and Dog Breeding Licences Governance Strategy & Performance
02-06-21 Covid Support Grants Multiple
03-06-21 Library Services Education
  Public Library Walking Groups Education
  Secondary School Provisional Results Education
  Communication Regarding Alternative Certification Model Education
  Sports and Leisure Costs Education Resources & Communities
  Community Services Multiple Services
04-06-21 Commercial Property Bought Using Loans Housing & Property Services
07-06-21 Health and Social Care Adult Social Care
  Deaths with No Next of Kin June 2021 Adult Social Care
  Payments to Stonewall Financial Services
  Additional Teachers Recruited Education
  New School Posts - August 2021 Education
  Potholes Reported Environmental & Commercial Services
08-06-21 Squalor Multiple
09-06-21 2021 SQA National Qualifications Education
  Documents and Policies on Refugees and Asylum Seekers Adult Social Care
  Adobe Acrobat PDF Licences HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Council Tax Payments Governance Strategy & Performance
10-06-21 Second Homes in Hopeman Governance Strategy & Performance
  Council Jobs HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Tree Preservation Orders Economic Growth & Development
  HR Payroll System HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  LGBT Youth Scotland LGBT Charter Programme Education
  Subsidence Repairs Housing & Property Services
  Money for Moray Fund Economic Growth & Development
11-06-21 Homecare Services Adult Social Care
14-06-21 Planning, EV Charging and High Streets Multiple Services
  Kinship Carers Adult Social Care
  Staff Sickness and Stress Absence HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Staff Bullying and Compensation HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Free School Meals Environmental & Commercial Services
  Violence Against Staff HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Music Tuition Education
  Breakfast Club Education
  School Clothing Grant Financial Services
  Mental Health Services in Schools Education
  Third Sector and Charitable Support Economic Growth & Development
  Blue Badge Applications Adult Social Care
15-06-21 HMO Contact Details Economic Growth & Development
  Sex Education In Primary Schools Education
  Sex Ed in Secondary Schools Education
  Coastal Land Owned By Moray Council Environmental & Commercial Services
16-06-21 Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children Children & Families & Criminal Justice
17-06-21 Housing Provision For LGBT People Housing and Property Services
  Public Toilets Environmental & Commercial Services
  Children Act 1989 Section 47 Children & Families & Criminal Justice
18-06-21 Taxi Licence Plates And Badges Spend Governance Strategy and Performance
  Youth Services Education
  Noise Complaints Economic Growth & Development
21-06-21 Covid-19 Outbreaks Economic Growth & Development
  Planning Services Salary Grades HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  2021 Grade Boundaries For Higher Courses Education
  Municipal Bus Ownership Environmental & Commercial Services
  Accessible Housing and Adaptations Housing and Property Services
  Council Buses Environmental & Commercial Services
22-06-21 Clause 16 of the Coronavirus Act 2020 Adult Social Care
  Locations Listed On Marriage Notice Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Key Software Applications HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Animal Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 Environmental & Commercial Services
23-06-21 Noise Impact Assessments Economic Growth & Development
  Service Leads Contacts HR, ICT and Organisational Development
24-06-21 Non Disclosure Agreements HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Playgrounds Environmental & Commercial Services
25-06-21 Beechbrae Education Centre Plans Housing and Property Services
  ICT Expenditure HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Social Care Staff Support Fund HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Regeneration Projects Spend Economic Growth & Development
28-06-21 Provisional Grades For Highers Education
  Mobile Telephony Services HR, ICT and Organisational Development
29-06-21 Ride-Hailing Service Providers Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Moray Museum Service Education Resources & Communities
  Care Payment And Brokerage Adult Social Care
  Elgin Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme Economic Growth & Development
  Looked After Children and Care Leavers and the EUSS Children & Families & Criminal Justice
30-06-21 Funding Gap Financial Services

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