August 2021 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
02-08-2021 Scottish Welfare Fund Governance, Strategy & Performance
  Cookie Policy HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Use of Digital Services HR, ICT & Organisational Development
03-08-2021 Looked After Children Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Care Provision for Adults Adult Social Care
  Houses Being Built Housing and Property Services
  Government Funding For New Houses Housing and Property Services
  Lollipop People Environmental & Commercial Services
  Covid Emergency Funding Financial Services
  Revenue From Parking Charges Environmental & Commercial Services
  Potholes, Uneven Pavements And Defects Environmental & Commercial Services
  Injury Complaints Governance Strategy and Performance
  Recycling Data Environmental & Commercial Services
05-08-2021 Use of Cash for Council Services Multiple
  Electric Vehicle Chargers Environmental & Commercial Services
  Enterprise Application HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Looked After Children Data Children & Families & Criminal Justice
06-08-21 Planning Permission Applications Economic Growth & Development
  Review of Business Rates New Liabilities Governance, Strategy & Performance
09-08-21 Rat Complaints Economic Growth & Development
  Financial Management System HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Missed Waste Collections Environmental & Commercial Services
  Refuse Collection Delay Communications Environmental & Commercial Services
10-08-21 Head Boy And Girl Title Changes Education
  Afghan Locally Employed Staff Relocation Scheme Multiple
  Sites Of Ecological Interest Environmental & Commercial Services
11-08-21 Digital Transformation and Licensing HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Social Care Case Management Systems Multiple
  Temporary Teacher Contracts HR, ICT & Organisational Development
12-08-21 Reunification Children & Families & Criminal Justice
13-08-21 Respite Care Adult Social Care
16-08-21 Data Breaches Education Resources & Communities
  Social Value Tender Financial Services
  Litter Bin Procurement Environmental & Commercial Services
  Garages Housing and Property Services
  Courier Contract Governance Strategy and Performance
  Climate Emergency Actions Multiple
  SQA ACM Concerns 2021 Education
17-08-21 Electric Vehicle Charging Environmental & Commercial Services
  Swimming Lessons Education
18-08-21 Autism Support Multiple
  Market and Street Trader Contact Multiple
  Funding to Charities and Third Sector Bodies Financial Services
19-08-21 Managing Data Retention Multiple
  Rejected Street Names Environmental & Commercial Services
  Use of Drones and Dash Cams Education Resources & Communities
  Documents and Information in Alternative Formats Governance Strategy and Performance
20-08-21 Software and Enterprise Applications HR, ICT & Organisational Development
23-08-21 Self Directed Support Adult Social Care
  Building Based Day Services Adult Social Care
  Referrals to Children's Services Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Covid Marshalls Environmental & Commercial Services
24-08-21 Use of PR and Media Firms Multiple
  Local Government Pay Award Financial Services
  Apprenticeships Education
  School Toilets Housing and Property Services
  Pronoun Use Multiple
25-08-21 Local Government Pay Award 2021-22 Financial Services
  Supported Living Adult Social Care


Antisemitism Multiple
  Transgender Guidance Education
  Physio-Social Effect Multiple
  Selkie Spoil Discharge Environmental & Commercial Services
  Contact Details Adult Social Care
27-08-21 National Flags Multiple
  Agency Social Workers Multiple
  Vacant Council Social Worker Roles Multiple
  Deferral Rates and Related Questions Education
31-08-2021 Council Property Housing and Property Services
  Electric Vehicle Charger Usage Environmental & Commercial Services
  Construction Funding Multiple
  Public Toilet Running Costs Environmental & Commercial Services

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