November 2021 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-11-21 Compensation Payments Multiple
  Electric Vehicle Transition Environmental & Commercial Services
  Water Direct Scheme Governance Strategy and Performance
  Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Contact Governance Strategy and Performance
02-11-21 Unmet Care Packages Adult Social Care
  Housing Energy Enhancements Housing and Property Services
  Software And Applications Contracts Multiple
  Food Waste Environmental & Commercial Services
03-11-21 Covid-19 Transmission Rates In Schools Education
  Pornographic Websites HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  SNP Website Visits HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Teachers Signed Off Due To Stress HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Funded Early Years Childcare Education
  Council House Waiting List Housing and Property Services
04-11-21 Care Home Fee Rates Adult Social Care
  Council Tax Accounts Governance Strategy and Performance
  Council Leaders And Directors Multiple
05-11-21 Afghanistan Resettlement Programmes Adult Social Care
  Litter Spend And Funding Environmental & Commercial Services
  Retention Times For Legal Advice Education Resources & Communities
  Restraints In Residential Children's Homes Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Library Book Issues Education Resources & Communities
09-11-21 Staff Incidents Involving Animals Economic Growth & Development
  Cyber Security And Data Breaches Multiple
  Review Of Emergency Operations Centre and Underground Facilities Environmental & Commercial Services
  Council Care Homes And Social Housing Adult Social Care
  Housing Grants For Disability Adaptations Adult Social Care
  Teacher Mental Health Absences HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Equal Pay Claims Governance Strategy and Performance
  Lifestyle Improvement Services Multiple
  Floral Displays Environmental & Commercial Services
  Engine Idling FPNs Environmental & Commercial Services
10-11-21 Waiting Times For Housing Adaptations Multiple
  Teaching Staff Numbers HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Council House Repairs Housing and Property Services
  Gritting Vehicles Environmental & Commercial Services
  School Exclusion and Absence Data Education
  Pupil Numbers Education
  P7 Pupil Numbers Education
11-11-21 Waiting List For Council Houses Housing and Property Services
  Landlord Registration Data Economic Growth & Development
  Rewilding Multiple
  Return Home Interviews And Support Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Teacher Numbers Multiple
  School Uniform Grant Governance Strategy and Performance
12-11-21 Home Alterations Backlog Adult Social Care
  Blue Badges Adult Social Care
  Digital Devices Multiple
  Teaching Staff Availability HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Car Fines By Brand Environmental & Commercial Services
  CCTV Cameras Multiple
  Meeting Attendance Records For Councillors Governance Strategy and Performance
15-11-21 DLOs and Maintenance Provision Housing and Property Services
  Transgender Pupil Guidance Education
16-11-21 Deaths In Moray Since 2017 Governance Strategy and Performance
  Empty Private Residential Properties Multiple
  Road Marking Environmental & Commercial Services
  Zero Emission Vehicles Environmental & Commercial Services
  Foster Care Allowances Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Christmas Celebrations Expenditure Multiple
17-11-21 Commissioner for Adult Social Care Adult Social Care
  Unrecoverable Debts Governance Strategy and Performance
  Traffic Wardens and Parking Fines Environmental & Commercial Services
  Covid Risk Assessment For Staff Economic Growth & Development
  School Pupils and Faculties Education
  Idle Vehicle Reports And Fines Environmental & Commercial Services
  Road Accident Repair Sites Environmental & Commercial Services
  Sports Facility CO2 Reports Multiple
  Doorstep Crime And Cold Calling Multiple
18-11-21 Road Inspection Fees and Road Inspectors Environmental & Commercial Services
  Road Bridges Environmental & Commercial Services
19-11-21 Investments From Foreign Countries Financial Services
  Hours With Teachers Education
  Library Annual Statistics Education Resources & Communities
  Windfarm Development Applications Environmental & Commercial Services
22-11-21 LGBT Charter Awards Education
  Council Tax Credits Governance Strategy and Performance
  Recycling Environmental & Commercial Services
23-11-21 Illegal Dumping Economic Growth & Development
  Weather Displacement Multiple
  Windfarm Development Applications Staff Environmental & Commercial Services
24-11-21 B9010 Traffic Measurements Environmental & Commercial Services
25-11-21 Anti-social Behaviour Economic Growth & Development
  Spending On Arts And Culture Financial Services
  Prejudice-Based Bullying Records Education
  Coronavirus Support For Businesses Multiple
  Tenancy Agreements And Social Media Housing and Property Services
26-11-21 Reablement Care Services Contact Adult Social Care
  Frank's Law Funding Financial Services
29-11-21 Falconer Museum Chief Exec Communications Chief Executive
  CCTV Cameras And Spend Multiple
  Buildings and Land Sold Housing and Property Services
  Fly-tipping Multiple
  Rural Fly-tipping Multiple
  Employees Working From Home HR, ICT and Organisational Development

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