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Council Tax - Reducing your bill

If you live alone, or no-one lives in your property, you may be entitled to an award of Council Tax Discount. Council Tax bills are initially calculated on the basis of occupancy by two adults. If you do not live on your own, you may still be entitled to discount. Some adults living in your household may not be counted when calculating entitlement to discount (e.g. students) as they are entitled to be disregarded from the determination of the occupancy of your property and this may mean that you may still be entitled to an award of discount. Any award of discount will be applied to your full Council Tax bill (including the associated Water or Waste Water charges).

The Moray Council's Policy and Resources Committee approved the addition of a 50% levy on the Council Tax for long term empty properties, effective of 1 April 2014. The levy, which does not affect the water and waste water elements of your Council Tax bill, will be applied to your bill once it had been empty for 12 months, unless the property meets the criteria for some classes of property, which will retain an award of discount or exemption. Further information can be found on the Council Tax Levy pages.

If you are disabled, or if a disabled person lives with you and your home has been altered to meet their needs, you may be entitled to an award of  Disabled Banding Reduction. Any award of disabled banding reduction will result in your full Council Tax bill (including the associated Water or Waste Water charges) being levied at an amount equivalent to the Valuation Band below the band in which your property has been placed on the Valuation List. 

If your property is empty, or it is only occupied by certain specified classes of person (e.g. students), you may be entitled to an award of Council Tax Exemption. Any such award of exemption will mean that you do not have to pay any Council Tax or  Water or Waste Water charges.

Various Council Tax forms are available for downloading and printing from the Documents box on the right.

A one-off discount of up to £100 is available through an Energy Efficiency Discount Scheme. Moray Council has teamed up with Scottish Gas to provide this opportunity to reduce your Council Tax bill and increase the energy efficiency of your home.

If you are on a low income, you may be entitled to Council Tax Reduction. This is calculated on the basis of your personal and financial circumstances, and it is awarded to help you pay your Council Tax. It does not cover any Water or Waste Water charges that you may have to pay.

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