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Direct Debit Payment - General Information

General Information

Payment by direct debit is a safe and a convenient method by which you can make payment of your Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rates bills. The advantages of payment by direct debit are already widely recognised - at 31st March, 2014, 70% of Moray's Council Taxpayers chose to pay their Council Tax bill by this method. The number of Council Tax-payers and ratepayers taking advantage of direct debit's convenience and its ease of payment is increasing.

There are a wide choice of dates on which payment by direct debit may be made . 

What are the Benefits of Paying by Direct Debit?

Ask yourself: "Am I wasting my time doing one of the following tasks each month?"

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like more information about direct debit, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

How to Pay by Direct Debit

If you would like to pay your Council Tax bill by direct debit, download a Direct Debit Instruction PDF logo (176 KB) (This link opens in a new window) 

Or, if you would like to pay your Non-Domestic Rates bill by direct debit you can download a Direct Debit Instruction  PDF logo(176 KB) 

Please complete the instruction and return it to the freepost address shown on it so we can set up your direct debit. Please do NOT send it to your bank.

Further Information

If you would like more information on payment of Council Tax bills by direct debit, please contact us, or if you require information on payment of a Non-Domestic Rates bill by direct debit, please email the Non-Domestic Rates Team

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