Accessibility on The Moray Council Website


You can reach our main pages by using a simple set of shortcut keys, known as access keys.

UK Government Standard Accesskeys:

0 Accessibility information (including this page)
1 Home page
4 Go to the Search box
6 Help
9 Contact us

How to Use the Access Keys:

  • Windows and Linux Users - For most Windows and Linux based browsers press (and hold) the 'Alt' key with the access key you want, then press 'return'. e.g. for the home page press 'Alt' and 1 then 'return'. (Some browsers do not require you to press 'return'.)
  • Apple Mac Users - Use the 'Ctrl' key with the access key.

Some other browsers will take you straight to the page with no need to press Enter after the key combination.

The AccessKeys used on this site have been set up in line with the UK Government AccessKeys Standard.

Accessibility Options

Our Website design has a number of accessibility options

  • Images - where possible all images include an alternative text description
  • Contrast - we have increased contrast between the text and background
  • Frames - we do not use frames

Browser Options

You can change your browser settings to allow you to set up your own preferences for browsing . You can also change the font size and colours. Further details of  browser options for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Mac and Netscape Navigator.

File Downloads

  • PDF documents - we do have links to PDF documents. To view these you will need to have the Acrobat Reader  software. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software and can be downloaded  here  (this link opens in a new window)
  • Microsoft Word format - We also publish some documents in Microsoft Word format - to view and print Microsoft  Word files, you will need to have installed Word on your PC or you can download Microsoft Word viewer .

Text Only

Graphical or Text - If you wish to view the site without graphics, use the Text Only link in the top of each page. Use the Graphics View link to display images again.

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