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Our Allocations Policy (introduced on 7 April 2014) sets out how we make the best use of our housing stock whilst taking into account the housing need, demand and wishes of applicants.

Anyone over 16 years of age can apply.  We have an open housing list, which includes the waiting list, the transfer list and the homeless list.  Quotas are agreed by Committee each year to guide the number of allocations to each of the three lists.  Sheltered housing allocations are not included in this calculation and available tenancies will be considered in partnership with Community Care.  We have a Lettings Plan to help us allocate initial lets in our new build properties.

The current quotas are;
• 40% (+/- 5%) to the waiting list;
• 20% (+/- 5%) to the transfer list; and
• 40% (+/- 5%) to the homeless list.

Our points assessment system helps us decide which applicant on the waiting list or transfer list should be offered the tenancy for any vacant property.  Points are awarded according to housing need.  The more points you have, the greater your chance of being offered a property.  We will make sure that offers of housing are fair and based on the needs, circumstances and preferences stated in an applicant’s housing application.  An offer will normally be considered reasonable if it is situated in a lettings area that the applicant has chosen and meets the applicant’s stated housing need.  If an applicant has said that they are willing to be considered for nomination to a registered social landlord (RSL) for housing, then any offer made by an RSL will be considered as reasonable

If applications for the same property have the same amount of points, the length of time you have been on the waiting list will be taken into account.  It should be noted however, that your position on the list can change on a daily basis (for example, if another applicant assessed as having a greater need for housing enters the list at a higher position).  Points are not given to those on the homeless list as permanent housing is usually allocated to the household that has been waiting the longest.

Use the links below to view the policy or you can download and read our Allocations Policy (PDF) .

This document can be made available in large print, braille or cassette or in other languages.

Contents List

  1. Scope of the policy
  2. Strategic context
  3. Principles and objectives of the Allocations Policy
  4. Legal context
  5. Eligibility criteria 
  6. Information and advice
  7. The housing list
  8. Applicant choices
  9. The assessment of priorities for housing 
  10. The process of allocating houses 
  11. Management and sharing of information 
  12. Local lettings plan 
  13. Sensitive lets 
  14. Bypassing applications 
  15. Suspensions
  16. Application management 
  17. Offer of housing 
  18. Refusal of an offer 
  19. Social housing options 
  20. Complaints and appeal arrangements
  21. Performance monitoring 

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