Planning & Regulatory Services Committee


To exercise the functions of the Council as Planning Authority, in addition to building standards, trading standards and environmental health and reviewing and preparing of all Strategic and Local Plans.

A full description of the Planning and Regulatory Services Committee’s functions can be found in Section III (E) of the Council’s Scheme of Administration.

Timetable of meetings

Committee Membership

Cllr Bremner (Chair)
Cllr Patience (Depute Chair)
Cllr Alexander
Cllr Cowe
Cllr Cowie
Cllr Coy
Cllr Divers
Cllr Edwards
Cllr Feaver
Cllr Laing
Cllr Macrae
Cllr A McLean
Cllr R McLean

Committee Contact

Lissa Rowan, Committee Services Officer
Tel: 01343 563015

Contact Us

Committee Services
Council Offices
High Street
IV30 1BX

01343 563014

01343 540183

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