Information for Parents and Carers - Pupil Transport

Free school transport is provided under the terms of existing legislation and Council policy.  This means that all primary and secondary pupils who live more than two miles from their zoned local school will be provided with free transport to and from that school.

In certain exceptional circumstances - for example medical reasons - a pupil living closer than two miles may be allocated transport for a fixed period of time and this will be arranged by the school in conjunction with the Public Transport Unit.

If you make a Placing Request and your child attends a school other than the one in whose catchment area (delineated zone) you live, you are fully responsible for making transport arrangements and meeting the costs involved.  The only exception to this may be where there are medical/psychological reasons for attending a particular school or where there is no room at the local school for your child.  In these cases, transport may be offered through the Educational Services officer dealing with your child's needs.

Most children will be conveyed to and from school by dedicated Moray Council school contract vehicles.  A small number may travel on local service buses with pre purchased tickets. Occasionally, payment may be made to parents to transport their own children, but only where other methods of transport have been deemed not possible.

“Door to door” transport is not guaranteed.  Pick up points for contract and Council buses are made as convenient as possible with parents or carers responsible for seeing a child to and from the allocated pick up/drop off point.  Those using public service buses will simply use their nearest bus stop.  In either case, your child can be required to walk up to two miles to a pick up point and parents/carers are responsible for child safety to and from the bus.

Your child is not expected to wait longer than 15-20 minutes beyond the normal pick up time.  Please note that in severe weather conditions, morning buses may be cancelled especially if the severe weather is expected to continue or worsen.  If this is the case and you decide to transport your child to school that day anyway, it will be your responsibility to arrange to transport them home again.  Wherever possible, announcements regarding school transport provision during severe weather will be made on local and national radio stations (Moray Firth Radio and BBC Radio Scotland).  Information will also be published on and on Twitter - @theMorayCouncil.  Information can also be accessed by contacting the school through the School Information Line.

Your child should arrive at school between the school’s start time and 20 minutes before that time.

Your child will be given a named plastic contract pass for the school transport journey they are entitled to make if travelling on a contract bus  On a service bus they will be given a pre purchased season ticket from the bus company. He/she should always carry this when travelling to and from school.  A charge is made for a lost pass.

There are sometimes spare seats on school transport buses which may be allocated at the discretion of the Headteacher to pupils living less than two miles from the school or outwith the immediate catchment area. The transport will not cost anything, but will be withdrawn without notice if another pupil entitled to free transport starts at the school.

If your child has additional support needs the normal rules do not necessarily apply.  Arrangements for school transport will be made in line with your child’s needs as assessed by the relevant Educational Services officers involved.

The school will try to contact parents to let them know the school is closing, and where it is safe to do so, pupils will be transported to their regular drop off point.  This may not always be possible or safe in storm conditions and it is particularly important therefore that you supply the requested “storm warning procedures” contact information to the school.

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