Community Council Elections 2017

Elections for all Community Councils in Moray are held every 4 years,with the next term of office from October 2017- September 2021. 

About the election

The number of Community Councils in Moray, their membership, areas they cover and the way they are administrated are covered by the Moray Council Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils 2017-2021 (592kB, PDF). There are a number of changes to the scheme following a recent review, including reducing the age of membership from 18 to 16 years old, additional provisions around the process of resignation and complaints about the community council.

The election timetable (14kB, PDF) sets out the key dates and deadlines for the Community Council election. Nominations open on Tuesday 22 August and close at 4pm on Thursday 28 September. Please see below for more information.

Seats Available

Each Community Council has a set number of seats available. Some community councils are divided into 'sub-divisions*' which defines a discrete area which themselves have an allocated number of seats. More information on the seats available for each community council is here on 'Which Community Council can I stand for?' this also includes individual maps available as downloadable A4 PDF documents.

Elections notices

  • Elections Timetable (PDF, 14kb) - key dates and deadlines
  • Notice of Election (PDF, 78kb)
  • Notice of Poll (PDF, XXkb) Due to be published on Friday 29 September
  • Notice of Community Councils established uncontested (PDF, XXkb) Due to be published on Friday 29 September

Am I eligible to become a Community Council member?

To become a Community council member you must qualify to be nominated to stand for election to a specific Community Council (listed here). 
A candidate must:

  • be 16 years of age or over (by the date of the close of nominations)
  • be registered as an elector on the Electoral Register in the area which the Community Council operates
  • be resident in the community council area for which he/she is being nominated
  • not be an elected member of a local authority or parliament
  • not be subject to any other disqualification e.g. bankrupt or convicted with a sentence of more than 3 months within the last 5 years

Candidate Nomination Form

To apply to become a Community Council member, you must complete a nomination form (PDF, 463kB). Guidance is provided within the nomination pack on eligibility, standing for election and candidate statements.
This form asks for your personal details and which Community Council you are applying for must be completed and then returned to the council's election office directly (not to the Community Council for which you are standing) by 4pm on Thursday 28 September.

If you do not have access to a printer to print off this form (PDF, 463kB) please get in touch with the Elections Office on 01343 563334, and leave your details with our election helpline staff, a nomination pack will then be posted out to you.

Elections process

  • When your completed nomination form (PDF, 463kB) is submitted, the Election Office will acknowledge your form and once the deadline for nomination passes on Thursday 28 September advise whether the Community Council is:
    • Uncontested - the community council can be established as less nominations were received than seats available but enough to meet the minimum membership;
    • Contested - community council formed but has to go to election (postal ballot of all local electors), as more nominations were received than seats available;
    • Unestablished - not enough nominations were received to meet the minimum membership and the Community Council will remain unformed.
  • If the Community Council is uncontested an inaugural meeting will be held in the following weeks as organised by the Community Council Liaison Officer
  • If the Community Council is contested then a postal ballot of all electors will be held in the area during mid October, and the candidate's personal statements will be sent to voters along with the ballot paper to help them choose who to vote for. A count of the ballot papers will take place thereafter and candidates will be advised of the result. The successful candidates will then go onto to have an inaugural meeting organised by the Community Council Liaison Officer.
  • The process of the election is set out in the Scheme of Electoral Arrangements for Community Councils (PDF, 292kB)

Community Council election ballots

If as noted above a Community Council area or sub-division is contested by more candidates than seats the an ALL POSTAL ballot will be held during October. All voters,on the electoral register for local government elections as a 1 August 2017 will be issued a postal vote pack, as no polling stations operate for this type of election. There are no alternative address, proxy or overseas voter provisions for this election.

The postal vote pack will contain a note of all candidates' personal statements as a guide, a postal vote ballot paper and a per-paid return envelope. Postal ballot papers must be returned by the deadlines laid out in the election timetable and advised in the pack.

Voters have as many votes as seats available. e.g. There may be 7 candidates for 4 seats in an area, voters can mark up to four crosses (X) for the candidates(s) they choose.

The count is conducted on a simple majority basis.

If you require any further information about the election please contact the elections office on 01343 563334 or email

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