Short Breaks Bureau

What is a Short Break?

Short Breaks (sometimes known as respite) offer a carer, and the person they care for, a break from their normal caring situation. 

Everyone needs a break sometimes and when you are caring for someone it is important to get a break.  A break can help in keeping the caring relationship healthy and sustainable as it offers both the carer and the person they care for, opportunities and experiences which are tailored to meet their individual need. 

Breaks can be provided as a one-off or on a more regular basis and can range from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks or longer. 

Short breaks can give carers the opportunity to spend some time together with the person they care for, away from their normal, caring routine.  Or, if preferred, you can spend to choose some time apart.

How Do I Access the Service?

Should you feel you would benefit from this service and wish to self refer please, download the Referral Form and return it to email address below or send it to the Moray Council Access Point in Elgin

  • Short Breaks Bureau Referral Form (MS Word)

If you have contact with Social Work services already, you can contact your Social Worker or Community Care Officer and express your interest in the Short Breaks Bureau. 

How Much Will it Cost?

The actual use of the Short Breaks Bureau is free however the Bureau does not fund actual breaks. 

Breaks can be funded in various ways:

  • Self-funded
  • Paid for through Direct Payments
  • Charitable funding
  • Provided as part of current care package
  • Partially funded – the costs are shared between you and the local authority

If you are not eligible for financial assistance but simply want information about breaks, services or have any other relevant query, the Short Breaks Bureau will still be able to assist you. 

What Will the Short Breaks Bureau Do For Me?

The Bureau has been set up to make it easier for people to access a Short Break by offering a “one-stop” approach. 

It can offer guidance, advice and information on a wide range of services (including accommodation, sources of funding, equipment hire) and Short Break options.  The Short Breaks Bureau also offers choice in how you would like to receive respite breaks, therefore giving you more control. 

Staff will work closely with you to establish what support you need to enable you to take a break and to ensure that the break will meet the needs of all concerned.

The Bureau aims to ensure the Short Break is a positive experience for everyone concerned. 

Types of Breaks

Breaks can be taken in The Moray Council area or further afield if you wish. 

Examples of breaks may include:

  • Befriending service
  • Homecare service
  • Day service
  • Supported holiday
  • Short Break in a designated respite care home
  • Break in the home of another family/individual
  • Respite activity centre
  • Accessible hotel or B&B

What Have People Said?

Feedback from people who have used the Short Breaks Bureau have been very positive.

These are just some of the many comments which have been received.

"It is an invaluable service for someone who is a carer."

"I would recommend the Short Breaks Bureau to others. It gave our family the opportunity to share some quality time together."

"The Short Breaks Bureau was well organised, efficient, helpful and approachable."

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