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Homelessness policy review

We are reviewing our homelessness policy.

Our current homelessness policy was approved in 2005 and reviewed in 2010.  However since then there have been changes to homelessness law and this has changed the way that local authorities in Scotland respond to homelessness and the prevention of homelessness.  A key change is that from 31 December 2012, new legislation will be introduced which means that all unintentionally homeless households will be eligible for permanent accommodation. 

In preparation for this, we changed the way that we deliver our homelessness service.  We set up a new housing support service, which was designed to focus on homeless prevention, tenancy support and specialist provision.  As part of this new service, we introduced a new housing options team.

In light of the changes of law and our working practices, our homelessness policy needs to be updated.  Since the changes are extensive we have revised our policy rather than simply amending the previous policy.   The revised draft homelessness policy sets out our approach to homelessness in Moray, with emphasis on early intervention and the continued promotion of housing options. 

We know that homelessness is not a lifestyle choice that people make - it can happen to anyone.  It is rarely just a ‘bricks and mortar’ problem, but is a complex issue.  We want to have realistic solutions to address housing need and maximise housing options and where possible, prevent homelessness.  Where we cannot prevent homelessness, we aim to provide responsive and sustainable solutions to try and minimise the impact on those affected.

Your opinion matters to us.  We would like to know what you think about the policy.  

You can view our homelessness policy on the links below:

Please read the draft homelessness policy and fill in this short survey http://obsurvey.com/S2.aspx?id=6606FE97-55B8-4F1A-A967-92019BD7530B.  The responses that you give will help us develop and agree our homelessness policy.

The consultation period ends on 22 February 2013.