FOI Request - Bandwidth Allocations

Request 101000113957

Your local authority is provided with the Interconnect 2.0, delivered by Thus and JANET(UK) and managed by Education Scotland, to enable data connection to Glow and the wider internet.
Please provided details as follows:
(1) The total bandwidth provided to your local authority by the Interconnect i.e. 1Gbps, 100 Mbps or otherwise.
(2) Details of how your local authority allocates this service between education and corporate services. For example: 500Mbps to the education service, 500 Mbps to the corporate service.
(3) Where this allocation figure is not available please provide details of the allocation to each education establishment (school, nursery etc) and to each council office or building with a core function which is not education. For example: Council Main Office (non Education) - 100Mbps, Local High School (Education) - 200Mpbs.
(4) Does your council use another Internet service provider to support corporate functions? If so, please detail who your current supplier is and the current annual cost of this provision.

Response 22-01-2013

(1) 100Mbps

(2) All of the bandwidth is allocated to Education.

(3) N/A

(4) The current supplier is Cable & Wireless.  The cost is included as part of the overall Wide Area Network service and is not specified as an individual cost.

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