Moray Keyfund - Information for Tenants

What is the Moray Keyfund?

The Moray Keyfund helps people in housing need get accommodation in the private rented sector.  It does this by offering a landlord a deposit guarantee instead of a cash deposit.

Who is eligible?

You may qualify for the scheme if you:

  • are in severe housing need or at risk of homelessness;
  • have a local connection to Moray;
  • are unable to find the funds for a deposit; and
  • return positive tenancy checks from your current/previous landlord.

You will not be eligible for the scheme if:

  •  have housing related debt and have not maintained a repayment agreement for at least three months;
  • you have been served with an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO);
  • you will be staying in shared accommodation with shared facilities;
  • there are other factors that we think may affect a tenancy; or
  • the maximum amount of Keyfunds agreed for the year has been reached.

How do I apply for the scheme?

The scheme can only be accessed by speaking to our Housing Options Team. You can contact them by phoning 0300 123 4566 or emailing

You will be asked to attend an interview with our Housing Options Team.
During the interview you will be asked questions to establish if you are eligible for the scheme or if there are other more suitable housing options.

Our Housing Options Team will:

  • Carry out an initial assessment of your eligibility for the scheme.
  • Give you a brief overview of the scheme and how it works.
  • Explain the financial side of the scheme to you and go over any eligibility for Local Housing Allowance and/or Housing Benefit.
  • If they think that you may be eligible, they will ask you to fill out an application form.

Who will find a suitable property?

It is your responsibility to look for a suitable property to rent. Once you have found a property you must check that the landlord is willing to accept a rent deposit guarantee from us. If they are, you must contact us as soon as possible (please see the end of the leaflet for contact details). We will want to know the size of the property and how much the rent a deposit is. If they are not willing to accept a deposit guarantee, you must carry on with your search for a suitable property.

By law, all landlords must register with the Landlord Registration Scheme before they can rent out their property. You can check if the landlord is registered online at If they are not registered you will need to contact us.

If the landlord is registered, we will ask you to come in and meet us. You will need to take basic financial information to the interview so that we can carry out a financial assessment and discuss any help you may get towards the rent from the Local Housing Allowance.

What happens next?

If we decide that the property is suitable, we will contact the landlord to confirm that they are willing to rent the property to you and will accept a deposit guarantee. We will answer any questions they may have and give them information on the Moray Keyfund.

We will arrange to carry out a property inspection as soon as possible. We will make an inventory, take photographs and make sure that all necessary safety checks are completed and regulations are met.

We will then tell both you and the landlord if we will guarantee the deposit. We will ask both you and the landlord to fill in and sign the agreement and associated paper work for the Keyfund.

Can I apply for the Keyfund after I have started a tenancy?

No, you cannot apply to the Keyfund after your tenancy has started.

What if there are issues during the Keyfund?

We will be available to both you and your landlord to give advice and assistance if issues or complaints are raised during the Keyfund.

If your landlord tells us you have rent arrears, we will contact you. Where possible we will meet with you and find out if there has been a change in your circumstances and give you advice and assistance.

Your landlord may end your tenancy if you fail to keep up with your rent and/or deposit payments. The landlord may submit a claim for the rent arrears to us. We will recharge you for this.

You will have the right to make a homeless application if the tenancy ends but you may be assessed as intentionally homeless. This means that we would only need to give you advice and assistance to find somewhere else to live and temporary accommodation while you look for a new home.

If you want to make a complaint about your landlord, we will give advice and signpost you to where you can get help.


While a Keyfund is in place, you will make small affordable payments directly to the landlord which will cover the amount needed for the deposit. It is your responsibility to negotiate these payment amounts with your landlord.

We are not involved in negotiating the payment amounts.

How long does the Keyfund last?

In most cases, the Keyfund agreement will be for 6 months. This may be extended to 12 months in certain circumstances. For example, if you are on a very low income (and depending on discussions with the landlord about the length of the tenancy).

The Keyfund will end either:

  • Once the payment plan has covered the full cost of the deposit; or
  • if the 6 or 12 months of the tenancy has ended and you have paid enough to cover the deposit.

We may visit the property to take photographs and check the inventory that was taken at the start of the tenancy.

What happens with my tenancy when the Keyfund ends?

When the Keyfund ends we will contact you and your landlord and ask if there are any problems. If you or the landlord tell us that your tenancy will continue or your deposit has been paid in full we will have no more involvement.

If either you or your landlord tell us that the deposit has not been paid in full or that there is a problem, we will carry out a property inspection. We will also ask you and your landlord to provide evidence of how much you have paid towards your deposit.

What happens if the landlord makes a claim?

If, at the end of the Keyfund, your landlord makes a claim to us then we will contact you. We will investigate the claim and look at the evidence showing how much of your deposit was paid. If we decide that the claim is valid, we will pay the landlord any money required over and above what you have paid for your deposit. We will recharge you for the amount we have had to pay the landlord. The maximum amount payable to the landlord under the Keyfund is the amount of the agreed deposit.


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