Moray Keyfund - Information for Landlords

The Moray Keyfund helps people in housing need get accommodation in the private rented sector. It does this by offering a landlord a deposit guarantee instead of a cash deposit. 

What can the Keyfund scheme offer me?

If we approve a Keyfund, we will:

  • give you a deposit guarantee of up to £450 which you can claim against;
  • help your tenants to claim Local Housing Allowance on time; 
  • check the progress of Local Housing Allowance claims and keep in contact with our Revenues section;
  • keep in regular contact with you and your tenant; and
  • help you with any concerns you may have.

What happens before the tenancy begins?

Before your tenant moves in, we will visit the property to take an inventory and photographs.  We will keep copies in case there is a dispute between you and your tenant.  We will check the property to make sure it is in an acceptable condition, meets the tenant’s housing needs and current safety regulations.  If we agree to guarantee a deposit, you and your tenant will need to sign an agreement.

What happens during the Keyfund?

We will be available to you and your tenant to help with any problems. You should contact us as soon as possible if there is a problem so that we can try to resolve them (contact details are at the bottom of this page).

What happens at the end of the Keyfund?

We will contact you when the Keyfund is due to end.  You will then have 28 days to make a claim, if you have grounds to. 

How do I register my interest in the Keyfund scheme?

You can register your interest in joining the Keyfund scheme by contacting the Housing Options Team by phoning 0300 123 4566.  We will need to check that you have registered your property under the Landlord Registration Scheme .

What if I need any more information or help?

If you need more information, please contact the Housing Options Team by phoning 0300 123 4566 or emailing

If you have a current Keyfund and need help, please contact the Housing Support Team on

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