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Local Government By-Election January 2014

Following the resignation of a councillor from the Buckie ward of the Moray Council, a local government by-election took place on Thursday 30 January 2014. The seat was won by Gordon COWIE (Independent), results are available via the links below.

Election Timetable

A detailed election timetable is available to download (PDF, 49kb)

  • Polling Day - 7am - 10pm, Thursday 30 January 2014
  • By-Election Count - Friday 31 January 2014

Statutory Notices

Candidate Nominations 

The candidates nominated for this Local Government By-Election were:

  • Gordon COWIE (Independent)
  • Margaret Irene GAMBLES (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
  • Marc MACRAE (Independent)
  • Linda MCDONALD (Scottish National Party (SNP))


Local Government elections are conducted under the Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral system. This means voters rank the candidates on their ballot paper in order of preference, using numbers instead of a cross.

Electors were advised to vote using numbers on their ballot papers as follows:

  • Instead of using a cross, number the candidates in the order of choice
  • You should record your vote by placing a '1' in the box to the right of the name of the candidate of your first choice, a '2' in the box to the right of the name of the candidate of your second choice, a '3' in the box to the right of the name of the candidate of your third choice, and so on. You can marks as many or few of the candidates as you like.

Under the STV voting system a candidate requires a certain minimum of votes to be elected. This minimum number is a called a quota. The first step when counting the number of valid votes and is to then calculate the quota required by a candidate to be elected.

More information about STV can be found here (56kb, PDF) or by contacting the Election Office.

Other Information

Contact Information

For enquiries regarding the Council by-election in the Buckie ward, please call the Elections Helpline 01343 563334 or email election.enquiries@moray.gov.uk

For enquiries about registering to vote, updating or amending the way you vote i.e. by post or by proxy please contact the Electoral Registration Officer on 01343 541203 or email elgin@grampian-vjb.gov.uk