FOI Request - Wind Farm Planning Applications

Request 101000157910

Please provide details of all wind turbine applications submitted, decided, appealed, judicially reviewed, called-in or otherwise formally processed by your planning department between 1 January 2009 and 1 June 2013.

This should include any applications submitted before 1 January 2009 that were decided at committee, appealed, judicially reviewed or otherwise decided after that date and also those submitted but not yet decided as of June 1 2013.

If applicable, please also provide details of any large scale wind schemes within your local authority that were determined by the Secretary of State as major infrastructure in the same period.  Please indicate none if applicable.

For each application please provide as appropriate:

-- Application reference number
-- Site Name
-- Site location (address, post code and/or grid reference)
-- Applicant name
-- Number of turbines
-- Total MW if known
-- Date submitted
-- Officer recommendation (grant/refuse)
-- Number of objection letters received (including number of individual letters vs pro formas if this is recorded)
-- Date decided at committee
-- Decision (granted/refused/partially granted)
-- Date of appeal decision (if applicable)
-- Appeal reference
-- Appeal decision (allowed/dismissed/partially allowed)
-- Date judicially reviewed (if applicable)
-- Judicial review case number
-- JR decision (quashed yes/no)
-- Resubmission date if appropriate with further details as above if relevant
-- If known, whether the scheme was built.

Only for the period 1 January 2011 to 1 June 2013, and only for those applications that were refused at committee in that period, appealed in that period, judicially reviewed in that period, or called in and then refused in that period, please provide copies of (or give web links to) the decision notices, the appeal notices, the JR decisions and/or to other relevant decision notices.

I would be grateful if you could provide (or give links to) any guidance, SPDs or other policy documents relating to wind energy or the location of wind turbines that your LPA has produced.

If you have a specific officer responsible for dealing with wind schemes (or renewable energy generally) who I might be able to contact to discuss.

Response 14-06-2013

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The attached document details ALL wind turbine applications dealt with by Moray Council, there are some applications which have been called in by the Cairngorms National Park Authority. The second attachment has details of Section 36 applications.


The link above also has maps and application details which are updated on a monthly basis. Further details and notices can be seen on the planning application search pages -

Section 36 details can be viewed via the link below.

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