Homelessness Policy - Strategic Context

The Homelessness Policy will assist the Council to meet the Single Outcome Agreement, Local Housing Strategy, Homelessness Strategy, Temporary Accommodation Strategy, Corporate Plan, Service Plan, Community Plan, Social Inclusion Strategy and the Moray Community Health and Social Care Partnership Strategy (the Community Care Strategic Plan).  The Homelessness Policy will assist the Council to meet its strategic priority within the Local Housing Strategy which is "to meet our statutory obligations to homeless households".

The Homelessness Policy will assist the Council to fulfil the key priorities under the Community Plan “to help local communities to flourish, becoming a stronger, safer place to live, offering improved opportunities and a better quality of life.”

Addressing homelessness requires a multi-disciplinary, multi-agency approach both within (corporate) and across (partnership) individual organisations, agencies or sectors.  The Council is committed to effective partnership working on both a strategic and operational level, with other Council services, external agencies and landlords.  The Council’s Homelessness Strategy Group, which includes internal and external statutory and voluntary partners, has a key role in the planning, developing, delivering and monitoring of service delivery. 

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