Homelessness Policy - Objectives & Principles of the Policy

The overall aim of Homelessness Policy is to prevent and alleviate homelessness in a sensitive but effective manner and when homelessness does occur, to provide responsive and sustainable solutions which minimise its impact on affected households.

The specific objectives of the Homelessness Policy are to:

  • maximise housing options and early intervention mechanisms;
  • reduce the duration of homelessness when it does occur;
  • ensure that housing solutions are sustainable through the provision of housing support and other relevant services;
  • promote and engage in joint working arrangements with other Council services and external partners and agencies; and
  • engage with customers to ensure that their views are taken into account, in accordance with the Service User Involvement Framework.

The principles of the Homelessness Policy are to:-

  • comply with legislation and guidance and promote best practice;
  • ensure consistency in the provision of services by providing staff training and implementing detailed procedures and agreed practices uniformly across the service;
  • deliver good quality services which are efficient and effective; and
  • provide services that adhere to the principles of equal opportunities.

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