Homelessness Policy - Approach to Homelessness in Moray

There are a wide variety of reasons why people become homeless or are threatened with homelessness.  There can be a single reason or a multiple chain of circumstances that are the causes of homeless risks. Some reasons are outside of an individual’s control, such as employment changes, or personal circumstances, such as ill health.

The delivery of the homelessness service is continually reviewed and improved to ensure that it is robust, effective and responsive to the current environment and local context.

The key strategic focus to addressing homelessness in Moray is on housing options.  The process starts with the provision of housing information and advice when someone approaches the Council with a housing problem.   This approach promotes early intervention and explores all possible tenure options, including social housing, the private rented sector and owner occupation.  Trained officers will examine and assess an individual’s options, solutions and choices in the widest sense. 

To facilitate early intervention, the Council has discharge protocols and liaison mechanisms in place which ensure that homelessness due to households or individuals leaving institutions (hospital, prison, the armed forces, local authority care or interim supported accommodation) is minimised. The Council will also ensure that advance planning for discharge from institutions and appropriate assessments are carried out in a timely manner.

Awareness raising throughout Moray informs customers of the importance of contacting the Council as soon they find themselves in difficulty that could result in homelessness or a risk of homelessness.

The alleviation of homelessness provides positive impacts and outcomes for individuals households and the local community.  The causes of homelessness are usually a combination of both personal and societal issues.  Homelessness can have detrimental and long term effects on households and communities. 

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