Homelessness Policy - Provision of Support to Vulnerable People


Being able to live independently in one’s own home requires much more than just securing accommodation.  Not only do people need accommodation which is suitable to their personal circumstances (for example, household makeup, physical disability, or access to services), but they may need care and support to enable them to develop the skills to sustain their accommodation or cope with the limitations of poor health or incapacity.

The Council recognises that people who approach the service may have additional support requirements.  In accordance with the Housing Support Policy, the Council will ensure that services are available to households who are homeless or threatened with homelessness and who have an identified need for support.  Failure to do so may compromise any new tenancy and in some circumstances may lead to an individual experiencing difficulty in living independently.

Staff from the Housing and Property Service will work with a range of other services and agencies to ensure that vulnerable households receive appropriate support to:

  • help them to avoid becoming homeless;
  • support them through a period of homelessness; or
  • assist them to resettle and avoid homelessness recurring in the future.

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