Homelessness Policy - Provision of Permanent Accommodation


Where a customer is accepted as unintentionally homeless, the Council will seek to provide suitable accommodation using the Council’s allocation policy and nomination agreements with Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) and other agencies.

Customers will normally receive two reasonable offers of housing.  The offer of housing may be made by other housing landlords (such as housing associations).

A "reasonable offer" of housing will be considered on the basis of the size and type of accommodation required, any special education, health or family support reasons or transport or employment. Consideration will   also be given to any safety concerns that may exist for the household.  At the time of the allocation, the customer will be advised of the procedure for appealing against decisions.  This includes the decision to refuse a particular property.

Following the refusal of two reasonable offers of accommodation, the Council will have been deemed to have fulfilled its duty in terms of the homeless legislation.  The customer will be provided with temporary accommodation for a reasonable period of time and provided with advice and assistance to enable them to secure alternative accommodation.

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