Homelessness Policy - Review of Decisions

Requests for a Review of a Decision

The customer can request a review of the homeless decision or offer of temporary accommodation within 21 days of the date of the decision letter or offer.  The customer or their representative should make the request in writing and include the customer’s signature or mark.

The request for a review should include the grounds on which it is made.  A request for a review will be considered by a senior manager not previously involved with the original decision with a target of 28 days to respond to the customer.

Complaints – The Corporate Process

The Council operates a complaints procedure that is available to any customer.  Details of the complaints procedure can be obtained from any Council office or Access Point.

Customers who are unhappy with a decision may seek a judicial review and this does not diminish their right to approach the Ombudsman or the Care Inspectorate.

Temporary accommodation and protection of furnishings/belongings will be provided, if required, during the review and appeals process.

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