Housing Service - Eviction Policy - Section 1

1.     Scope of the Policy

1.1   This policy sets out the circumstances in which a Scottish Secure Tenancy, Short Scottish Secure Tenancy, or any temporary tenancy agreement provided by The Moray Council will end due to an eviction and the associated activities and responsibilities involved.

1.2   This policy recognises that the Council's role as a landlord may conflict with its statutory homelessness duties.  It therefore sets out the processes that will be undertaken before an eviction is undertaken, to ensure that all possible alternative remedies are considered and eviction is only used by the Council as a method of last resort. 

1.3   An eviction is defined as the recovery of accommodation, owned or managed by the Moray Council, by using the legal processes that are available.

1.4   The Council seeks to ensure that this Evictions Policy does not discriminate between tenants on any grounds.  Publishing standard information and documentation in different languages and other formats, as required, will enhance the promotion of equal opportunities for all tenants.

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