Housing Service - Eviction Policy - Section 3

3.     Objectives and Principles of the Policy

3.1   The overall aim of the Council's Evictions Policy is to ensure that evictions are carried out only after other options have been exhausted and tenancy management remedies prove ineffective; the Council is satisfied there is sufficient evidence to justify raising an action; proper authorisation is obtained; an up-to-date risk assessment is carried out prior to eviction and the eviction is carried out lawfully.

3.2   The specific objectives of the Evictions Policy are:

  • to prevent homelessness occurring by exhausting all other management remedies, where appropriate;
  • to provide early intervention in an attempt to prevent eviction occurring;
  • to define the authorisation process for an eviction enforcement;
  • to deal with evictions in a consistent way;
  • to protect the wellbeing and interests of qualifying occupiers (see Section 5.4) and other residents in the community; and
  • where appropriate, to take appropriate action to protect the assets and income of the Council.

3.3   The principles underpinning the Evictions Policy are:

  • the housing service will clearly explain to tenants specific actions they must take to avoid eviction at each stage;
  • To ensure provision of information, advice and assistance to tenants on Housing Benefit and other welfare benefits in order to maximise their ability to pay rent. The housing service will continue to actively promote joint working with other Council departments and external agencies;
  • that detailed procedures and agreed practices will be implemented consistently across the service;
  • that training will be provided to ensure all staff are fully equipped to carry out the roles expected of him/her; and
  • that all communication will be in plain language and will make clear who the appropriate officers are to provide advice and assistance.

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