Housing Service - Eviction Policy - Section 9

9.     Assessment, Support and Liaison with Other Agencies

9.1   The Council will offer a detailed risk assessment to all tenants when it is identified that his/her tenancy is at risk.

9.2   During the assessment, the tenant's needs will be identified to ensure that a full picture of their circumstances is known and support is appropriately delivered. This will involve consultations with relevant services within the Council such as Community Care, Housing Needs and Children and Families. The risk assessment plan will seek to measure the potential impact of eviction on household and any contingency measures which will need to be put in place eg. storage of furniture or provision of temporary homeless accommodation. 

9.3   Where an external agency or Council service is providing support, full co-operation will be given by the Housing and Property Service to try to resolve a situation without the need for legal action to recover possession of a property.  For example, where Money Advice is being given by Trading Standards the Housing and Property Service will suspend action for 21 days to allow an agreement to be reached and implemented.  However, the Housing and Property Service retains the right to proceed with recovery action where the situation is not improving.

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