FOI Request - Nursery Staff Payscales

Request 101000186081

I am requesting the following information

The pay scales for all staff working in local authority nurseries.

By this I do not mean the salaries of individuals but the job titles for each job role in your nurseries and the rates of pay for these roles.

Response 01-10-2013

Figures are based on full time equivalent - salaries would be pro rata for each employee on hours and contracted weeks per year

Teacher - main grade teacher Pnts 0 to 6 (£21,438 to £34,200)
Senior Nursery Nurse - Grade 7 (£23,788 to £25,994)
Nursery Nurse - Grade 6 (£21,130 to £23,091)
Classroom Assistant - Grade 2 (£14,218 to £15,276)
Education Auxiliary (grade 3) - Grade 3 (£15,545 to £16,738)

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