FOI Request - Climate Change Strategies

Request 101000201840

1. Your council's current, or most recent, climate change adaptation strategy (or equivalent report).

2. Your council's current, or most recent, flood risk management strategy (or equivalent report).

3. Confirmation of whether you employ any members of staff as Climate Adaptation Officers, stating how many and their salary; or any officers with climate adaptation as part of their work, stating their title, what approximate proportion of their time is spent working on climate adaptation, and total salary (I am not asking for personal details).

Response 03-12-2013

1. Moray Council does not have a climate change adaptation strategy.

2. This doesn't exist. Draft Flood Risk Management Strategies are to be published for consultation by SEPA in December 2014. These are local plan district based rather than by council boundaries.

3. Moray Council does not have a member of staff employed directly as Climate Change Adaptation Officer.

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