FOI Request - Green Deal & ECO Queries

Request 101000205672

1. Do you have a specific officer dealing with Green Deal and ECO issues? If so, what is their name & job title?

2. Do you have any works planned to your own housing stock using Green Deal & ECO? If so what type of works & timescales?

3. Are you applying under the ECO brokerage system via a registered Green Deal Provider, if so what are you planning to submit?

4. Do you have any current framework agreements in place or Green Deal & ECO works? If so who with, what type of works would they be and what timescale would they be for?

5. Finally, will you be completing any other ‘Green Works’ to your housing stock that is not part of the Green Deal or ECO schemes? What types of works will they be and do you have any further framework agreements in place for these works?

Response 23-12-2013

1. Graeme Davidson, Housing Strategy & Development Manager

2. Current programme includes external wall insulation to 49 Council properties and potentially to a further 35 properties.  The cost of these works will be funded by ECO.

3. The ECO funding will be agreed directly with the utility company.

4. The Council does not currently have a framework agreement for Green Deal works.

5. The Council installs air source heat pumps in houses built under its new build programme.  These items are procured as part of the building contract for the new homes.

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