FOI Request - School Use of Non School Premises

Request 101000207479

Please provide information on the use made by all schools (in the council’s area) of non-school premises (such as Village Halls, Church Halls and similar) for school purposes (such as teaching, school meals, P.E., drama, recreation, etc.).

The following data will be most useful to me (for the most recent period for which data is available):

(1) How many schools make use of non-school premises?

(2) Which are the schools and the premises used by them? Please identify.

(3) What are the premises used for in each case?

(4) In each case what is the cost of the hiring? (Please specify the units used, i.e. £ per hour/day/month etc.)

(5) For what times and frequencies are the premises used?

(6) What is the total annual cost of each case of such hiring?

(7) What is the total overall cost per year for this activity to the council?

Response 23-12-2013

1. Two

2. Botriphnie Primary School uses Drummuir Village Hall and Tomintoul Primary School uses Richmond Memorial Hall.

3. Botriphnie - PE, School Plays, Coffee Mornings

Tomintoul - PE

4. Botriphnie - £8.40 per hour

Tomintoul - £12.99 per session plus 15p per unit for electricity

5. Botriphnie - Two sessions per week for PE, other events are annually.

Tomintoul - Two sessions per week for PE.

6. Botriphnie - approximately £800.  The use for PE is weather dependant, if it is a dry day, the children have PE outside.

Tomintoul - £987.24 hire charges and approximately £400 per annum for electricity.

7. £2187.24

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