FOI Request - Residential Care Homes Block Contracts

Request 101000210259

Please provide the answers to the questions below regarding Residential Carehomes  - Block Contracts - Respite Care.

1. Do you have any block contracts for Residential Carehomes &/Or Respite Care? If yes, please advise how many Residential Carehomes you have.

2. How many beds are under Block Contracts?

3. How much are these contracts worth?

4. Do you use an IT system to maximise the effectiveness of these contracts? If the answer is yes, please provide details of who you have the contract with.

5. When are these contracts in place till?

6. Who is the Head Of Commissioning dealing with these contracts?

Response 10-01-2014

1. 3 x Residential Care Homes

1 x Respite

2. Residential = 18

Respite = 9

3. 3 x Residential = £1.3million per year

1 x Respite = £560k per year

4. No- internal processes

5. 3 x Residential are currently under contract until 31 March 2014

1 x Respite to 31 March 2014 and x1 Respite to 31 March 2015

6. Roddy Huggan

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