FOI Request - Housing in Findhorn

Request 101000280672

On behalf of The Findhorn Village Conservation Company, I am undertaking a housing needs survey for the VILLAGE of Findhorn.  Can you please let me know if

(a) Council Housing Stock - how many rental homes do you have

(b) Waiting List for Findhorn - if you have a waiting list for houses

(c) Cromarty Court - nomination rights- Can you  and do you nominate for this housing

(d) Your views on affordable rental housing in Findhorn Village.

Response 02-10-2014

(a) Please refer to the table below which details our housing stock in Findhorn.

Findhorn No of Properties
1 Bed


2 Bed


3 Bed





(b) The table below shows the demand for the Council’s housing stock in Findhorn.  




1 bed


2 bed


3 bed




(c)  The Council has a nomination agreement with Langstane Housing Association.  They are the landlord of Cromarty Court. The Council receive nomination requests for 50% of Langstane’s vacancies across all their stock in Moray.

(d)  Demand for council housing far outweighs supply throughout the whole of Moray including Findhorn.  Research carried out in 2011 highlighted that 424 new affordable houses would need to be built per year, every year for a ten year period in order to address current and projected housing need. Please refer to our Moray Housing Need and Demand Assessment (HNDA) for more information.

As a result of Scottish Government funding, there is a Council New Build programme underway to increase council housing stock within the four main towns in Moray.  There will however still be a significant shortfall of council housing to meet demand across Moray. 

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