FOI Request - Dangerous Wild Animal Licences

Request 101000287515

Please provide me with the following information in relation to dangerous wild animal licences.

1.  How many licences have been applied for since 2010?

2.  How many were approved? (Please include dates where possible)

3.  How many were rejected? (Please include dates where possible)

4.  What animals were the approved licences for?

5.  What animals were the rejected licences for?

6.  Have any licences been revoked? If so, on what grounds and for what animal?

Response 02-10-2014

1.  2 renewals

2.  2

renewed May 2012, Apr 2013 and Apr 2014 (originally issued in Apr 2007)

renewed Nov 2010, Nov 2011 and Oct 2012 (originally issued in Oct 2005)

3.  Nil

4.  African Servals

5.  N/A

6.  No

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