FOI Request - Correspondence Caledonian Economics & TMC 1-1-12/6-10-14

Request 101000289320

All correspondence between the Moray Council and Caledonian Economics between 1 January 2012 and 6 October 2014 which refers to some or all of the following issues:

a. The terms of reference for the Moray Council Sustainable Education Review;

b. The methodology to be employed by Caledonian Economics during the Sustainable Education Review;

c. The financial cost of appointing Caledonian Economics to conduct the Sustainable Education Review; and

d. The involvement of Caledonian Economics during the course of any statutory consultation exercise for school closure under the terms of the Schools (Consultation)(Scotland) Act 2010, following the Sustainable Education Review.

Response 29-10-2014

Minutes of Special Full Council - 3.7.13

Committee Report 03-07.13

Committee Report Appendix

Strategic Support for School Estate Review (1)

Strategic Support for School Estate Review (2)

Strategic Support for School Estate Review (3)

The cost of employing Caledonian Economics was originally estimated at £60k.  That sum will be exceeded as additional workshops and consultation activities were held.  The final sum will not be known until this December.

If question D is referring to Caledonian Economics previous involvement in statutory consultation exercise then Mrs Shanks will need to approach Caledonian Economics.  If the question is referring to Caledonian Economics possible involvement in any future statutory consultation exercises, then the question is hypothetical and cannot be answered as the council has not yet considered the advisers recommendations. 

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