FOI Request - Landshut Bridge Cost

Request 101000289873

1. To ask Moray Council under the Freedom of Information Act to how much it has spent specifically on the erection of the new Landshut bridge.

2. To also ask the council to name the firm/consultants receiving those payments and to provide the total paid to each of them by way of fees or charges in each of those financial years, and in the year to date.

3. To also highlight the exact cost of the lighting on the bridge and the projected cost of up keep for the lighting system.

Response 29-10-2014

1. The Moray Council has spent £7,003,620

2.  Morrison Construction. 

Year  2011 (Apr)-2012 (Mar)          £120,000

Year  2012-2013                             £950,000

Year  2013 -2014                            £950,000

Year  2014-Current                         £144,000

3a. The cost of the lighting on the bridge is £66,100 (note that the cost of the lighting does not include the cost of the hand rail LED's as these were included in the cost of the actual hand rails).

3b. The projected cost of the upkeep of the lighting system is £1,039 per annum.

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