FOI Request - Free School Lunches

Request 101000297247

Please can you provide answers to the following questions regarding the implementation of the Scottish Government’s policy of free school lunches for Primary 1 to Primary 3 pupils under Freedom of Information.

1.  How many pupils in your area are in P1, P2 and P3 classes?

2.  How many additional pupils will be eligible for free lunches from January 1st 2015?

3.  Will the council be ready to provide a free school lunch for all P1-P3 pupils when the policy comes into force in January 2015?

4.  How much is the implementation of free lunches for all P1-P3 pupils costing in the 2014-2015 financial year, and projected to cost in 2015-2016?

5.  Will this be funded fully by additional money from the Scottish government, or from savings from other areas of the budget?

6.  Has any funding been provided by the Scottish Government to improve catering facilities to meet the extra demand? Do any school buildings not have the facility to prepare a hot school lunch on site?  

Response 20-11-2014

1.  P1 - 1005

     P2 - 1018

     P3 - 1113

2.  2842 pupils

3.  Yes

4.  2014/15 - £0.477 million (from January 2015)

     2015/16 - £1.909 million

5.  Yes

6.  Yes, funding has been provided by the Scottish Government. 

     17 Primary Schools have serveries only.  Meals are prepared elsewhere and then transported to these schools.

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