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Request 101000301987

This is a Freedom of Information request on council staff and members of the public who have had falls after slipping on ice.

1. Can you tell me for EACH of the last ten years, how many council staff have slipped on ice (or if not possible, fallen down generally) and sued the council.

2. In each case, can you tell me as closely as possible their role within the council, how much compensation they sued for, if they were successful and how much they were paid. Please give details of each case involved – where they were, how they fell and what injuries they suffered.

3. Please can you provide the same information in questions one and two for members of the public.

4. Please provide details of any extra clothing, shoes, grips, car kit etc given to council staff to keep them safe during the winter.

5. Please tell me how many council staff were given these items in the last year and the approximate total cost.

Response 26-11-2014

1. We do not record claimants as staff or public; all claimants are the public in this process.  These figures are for falls in general and not specific to falls on snow/ice.

2010/11 = 1 claim
2011/12 = 1 claim
2012/13 = 2 claims
2013/14 = None

2. Two of the above claims were successful to a total of £8131 including payment to third party, third party solicitor, and medical fees.

3. N/A - see Qs 1 & 2 above.

4. Moray has not supplied any extras aside from normal safety equipment for staff working outside. 

5. N/A

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